Xinyi Meditation – Push Hands Clinic – October 27, 2012

This is a very unique opportunity to experience first hand, high levels of internal martial skill and learn the practices that lend insight into improving your current martial level. During the workshop participants will touch hands and train with students and lineage holders of Xinyi Meditation.

Xinyi Meditation is the internal martial arts system developed by Grandmaster David Chan. It is the refinement of 54 years of martial practice, exploration and teaching. While informed by multiple styles and disc
iplines – the heart of the method comes from select practices of Liuhebafa, and Yiquan; further refined for fighting with the aim of creating a superior martial artist.

The key to developing a high level of expression and competence in any movement practice, is developing the ability of flow both from a psychological and physical standpoint. In fighting, flow becomes more complex as we deal with Resistance, Disruption, Change and Counters to our Intentions.

Among the martial art systems that have maintained martial lineages, flow is taught and developed via two-person practices. Taijiquan has Push Hands or Tui-Shou, Xingyiquan and Baguazhang have Rou-Shou or Soft Hands, Filipino Martial Arts have Hubad-Lubad and otherpractices. When taught in a progressive manner, two-person practices allow practitioners to attain certain skills necessary for effective fighting.

Many who practice or learn Tui-Shou remain in the dark when using traditional concepts such as Listening, Interpreting, Enticing, Neutralizing, and the like.

Using the Liuhebafa system of movements as the basis for the push hands, and using the basic cyclical movements used by Taiji and Yiquan as tools, the traditional concepts of “using four ounces to deflect a thousand pounds,” is given a realistic and practical treatment. The foundational concepts of Centering, Non-Resistance, Nurturing the Qi or Breathing, are supported by concepts of Leverage, Force Generation, Root Establishment, and Mobility.

When learning Push Hands the Xinyi Meditation way, one can transition into more complex applications, such as Standup or Ground Grappling, Joint Manipulation, Opponent Control, and Combat Striking. The Xinyi Meditation school utilizes a modern approach to teaching the traditional concepts employed in Push Hands, removing a lot of unnecessary concepts that tend to make learning push hands an end in itself, rather than a bridge to attain a higher level of competence in real world fighting.

The Push Hands Clinic will begin promptly at 1:00 PM on Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 8 Temple Drive cor Giraffe Street, Quezon City – Near Green Meadows and White Plains.

Clinic fee is P2,000 pesos at the door.
RSVP on Facebook with deposit is P1,500 pesos.

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Xinyi Meditation Push Hands with Grandmaster David Chan and Disciple Dylan Halili


Xinyi Meditation Push Hands new students


1) Push Hands foundational principles: Non-resistance, Centering and Nurturing the Qi (breath)
2) Three boundary awareness’ that are major objectives of push hands practice: Stance, Joint, Resistance (body pushing note)
3) Push Hands is primarily for defense: Where does Push Hands begin and end? Good defense is foundation for good offense.
4) Body Pushing: When it’s too late for Push Hands.
5) Four general vectors of Xinyi Meditation Push Hands: Ward-off & Press; Roll-back & Push
6) Q&A
7) Beyond Push Hands… breaking the rules… and other queries…