Xinyi Liuhebafa Quan, Push Hands, and Xinyi Zhanzhuang Gong

Everybody is welcome to join a weekly health group every Sunday, 6am to 12pm. We will be teaching Liuhebafa, Push Hands, and Zhanzhuang. It will only take a few minutes (or a couple of hours) of your time, depending on how much you can absorb or learn.

Liuhebafa is the Essence of the Internal Arts. It is the oldest known recorded internal martial art, approximately 2,000 years or later, depending on some researchers and archaeologists.The Liuhebafa dance has around 500 moves, and not one move repeats itself except for the right and left hand. The technique is complete and there are no other moves that needs to be added. We consider the dance like a dictionary where we can find a definition to any existing movement. Our completeness is why many other styles can see their movements in Liuhebafa, even if their origins may have no direct connection to us. Liuhebafa is the oldest and last of the four closed door arts.

My Xinyi master has authorized us, his 4 disciples, to start teaching. Luckily our Liuhebafa lineage, coming from Great Grandmaster Wu Yi Hui via Grand Master Chan Yik Yan, is a very martial one. Together with my fellow disciples and teacher, we are the only ones who teach the true fighting form in the Philippines.

Our Zhanzhuang lineage is directly from Great Grandmaster Wang Xiang Zhai via Grandmaster You Peng Xi.

The weekly Sunday group is targeted to learning self-health through Internal Martial Arts. I’ll teach you how to heal yourself and become stronger than an average person, without the usual weight training and athletics. Xinyi Meditation is a martial art with a very martial spirit, so as a bonus you can also learn a bit of self-defense while staying healthy. 😎

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