Xinyi LiuHeBaFa Quan by Johnson Lee Chan in Manila Metropolitan Theater Martial Arts Exhibition 1993

Johnson performed this Liuhebafa dance in Metropolitan Theater during the 1993 Metro Manila Martial Arts Exhibition – Philippines! Johnson’s father, Master David Chan, said that Johnson completed it 96% perfect! I use this video to guide me when I need to correct myself, especially after a long time of not doing the dance.

Liuhebafa Quan is the Essence of the Internal Arts. It is the oldest known recorded internal martial art, approximately 2,000 years or older, depending on some researchers and archaeologists. The Liuhebafa Quan has around 500 moves, and not one move repeats itself except for the right and left hand. Many internal arts today like Tai Chi, Ba Qua, and Xingyi, all come from Liuhebafa Quan. Liuhebafa Quan is the last of the closed door arts. Luckily, our Liuhebafa Quan lineage, coming from Great Grandmaster’s Wu Yi Hui and Chan Yik Yan, is a very martial one. Our group is the only one I am aware of who knows the true form, in the Philippines. 😎