Dylan Halili

My discovery of Xinyi Meditiation in the Philippines started when in 2000 I developed an interest in the internal martial arts, in particular Bagua. I serendipitously bumped into a very close friend at a mall, a buddy of mine from college Tristan Abara, who told me that he knew of someone who taught internal martial arts but a different kind. He was apparently one of the disciples of Master David Chan. In the last quarter of that same year he brought me to Binondo, Manila to meet Master David at his home. It was there that we had a whole day introduction to one another and to the art that I would eventually learn and love to the present. As an aside, I had a previous background in the Korean martial art of Tang-Soo-Do and earned a 1st degree black belt from my teacher, Master Efren Cruzada. It was his leaving for the United States that prompted me to search for another teacher to further my martial arts studies. That first day with Master David in his home opened my eyes to a whole new level of martial arts mastery. My inability to use whatever previous knowledge or skill with any effect upon Master David, signified that I truly had a lot to learn. I could not budge him from his spot despite his standing on one leg, nor could i hurt him with strikes to his body or legs. He, however, applied techniques upon me that were both restrained yet painful. I was hooked.

In january of 2001 I began my formal chinese martial arts education under Master David Chan. Since that first month, I have been faithfully visiting him in his humble home for the past eleven years. I’m very happy to say, that I find myself fortunate to have started learning Xinyi Meditation, which includes the subjects of Xinyi Liuhebafa, and Xinyi Hunyuan Zhan-zhuang, at the time that Master David was at his physical and spiritual prime, and the arts that he was passing on to me, were developed and expressed by his skill to a degree of refinement that is still improving to this day. When I began my learning, Master David had introduced to me the chines idea of ?? yuánfèn, which translates to fate or chance that brings people together; or a predestined affinity or relationship; or destiny. Whatever the case, whether by chance or by destiny, I am grateful for all that I’ve learned and yet to learn from him.



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