“The Way Of The Mind”
“The Way Of The Body”
“The Way Of The Spirit”

Part I (Skills): Xinyi Liuhebafa Quan

Liuhebafa – Main Form
Push Hands – Tui Shou
Combat Skills – Zi Wei

Part II (Power): Xinyi Hun Yuan Zhanzhuang Gong

Zhanzhuang – Standing Meditation
Strength Trial – Shi Li
Power Emission – Fa Jin

Xinyi Meditation easily integrates into daily life. We teach how to combine all your existing martial art knowledge into one style. Xinyi principles, being thousands of years old, allows us to define ourselves as the oldest mixed martial art. 😎




1) Liuhebafa Quan

Liuhebafa, or the “Six-Combinations and Eight-Methods” Style of Kung-Fu, is a form of Chinese Internal System of Martial Arts, it is sometimes referred to as Water Boxing, due to its similarities with water’s characteristic of having three states: solid, liquid, and gaseous. Liuhebafa has all the essential qualities of Xingyi, Ba Gua, and Tai Chi. It is based on Cultivating Chi, Centering, and Non-Resistance. The Six-Combinations represent the essential qualities of a true Kung-Fu artist. The Eight-Methods are the fundamental abilities needed by a fighter to defend himself and to find spiritual harmony.


Body and Mind
Mind and Will
Will and Chi
Chi and Spirit
Spirit and Movement
Movement and Emptiness

CHI – Nurturing Chi
BONE – Training the Bones to increase in Internal Strength
SHAPE – Coordinating Chi with Techniques
FOLLOW – Using Soft-Defense
RISE – Raising the Chi from the Center
RETURN – Lowering the Chi back to the Center
RETAIN – Controlling Physical and Mental Energy
CONCEAL – Concealing Techniques until it is advantageous to reveal them

2) Push Hands

Sensitivity Exercises

3) Combat Skills

Sparring Exercises

4) Zhanzhuang Gong

5) Strength Trial

Actual tests with the master to see how you are doing and to help let the power out.

6) Power Emission

To learn how to emit and bring out the real chi-kung power.

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